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It started with a name, forged in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains.

It continued as a fledgling search for understanding through creative expression, but soon could not be contained.  The quest has since meandered along roads through vast country, endless days strung together by rhythm and sound.  Each new page wrote itself as lines penned in shoeprints and tire tracks. An earthly symphony echoed underfoot, where poetry still glows through the cracks. Every new planetary rotation has introduced faces and voices bound to the same impermanence, mere reflections of stardust twirling along on their way. The journey has been fed by answers that yet have no question.


And so we keep moving, hearts forward, ears open.

     After many years in large ensembles, Melody took what she had learned from her mentors and fueled it with her fierce independence to create a One Woman Show. Her performance is organic and intimate; an electronic enchantress. As a soloist, Melody shines—from raw performances of textured piano and kinetic singing, to intricate sonic tapestries weaved from orchestral timbres, layered harmonies, and synthesized sounds. Her secondary medium is poetry: honest verbal meditations lifted with word play and whimsy. The result is a full-spectrum fantasy on the human experience.

     Melody was singing throughout her earliest memories, and began taking piano lessons at the age of 8. In 6th grade, she picked up the trumpet, which proved to be an essential tool in understanding breath control, harmony, and group synergy. In high school, she began writing and performing her first songs for piano and vocals, and she also composed, orchestrated, and conducted pieces for wind ensemble and brass ensemble. Melody studied creative writing and International Affairs at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  The marching arts consumed much of her early adulthood, with extensive performances on multiple instruments with world-renowned groups such as The Blue Knights, Bluecoats, and Music City Mystique. More recently, her involvement in World Class drumline took her around the US performing with the electronic duo ODESZA.

    Though Melody’s passion is for large ensembles, condensing her expansive knowledge of music into a soloistic venture allows for the journey to take her anywhere.  The artist thrives through connection, and with performances at Electric Forest and Vertex Music Festival, to small-town pubs and house shows across the country, Melody adapts and jams in any environment. By exploring the landscape, trails, towns, cities, and stories that make up our blue marble, the quest for empowerment continues.

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