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Music Lessons

Have you been itching to learn a musical instrument? Or perhaps your child has shown interest in creative expression?

Maybe you took some piano lessons as a kid, but now as an adult you'd like to rekindle that old flame? Perhaps you have dabbled in music production but would like to deepen your understanding of keyboards skills or music theory. Sometimes people come to me with a few songs ideas they'd like to bring to life, or 

If you can relate to any of this, reach out, I'd love to chat.


I've been through many different kinds of music programs and educational philosophies. I find that what works best is catering lesson plans toward a student's unique talents and interests, which over time fosters a lifetime appreciation for music. 

I believe in following curiosity to its ends, resulting in a well-rounded musical education that includes facets of theory, technique, composition, improvisation, and ear training. 


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